Interreligious dialogue

encounter and dialogue

between religions

The Cusanus Foundation supports associations and selects projects that promote encounter  and contatcs between religions.

The world's religious conflicts leave us with the impression that religious convictions stand in the way of living together instead of giving it a reason.

In a time of violence in the name of religion, a dialogue between the world's religions is urgent. The Cusanus Foundation supports initiatives that arise from within the religious tradtions, that condemn violence and stimulate dialogue and collaboration.

Main projects :

Pères Blancs projet "Arcre"

Sant'Egidio interreligious dialogue

Cusanus Chair at the University of Leuven

Cusanus Grant at the University of Antwerp

Social projects

for individuals

and children in need

The Cusanus Foundation supports associations and selects projects that adress the social needs of the most fragile segments of our society. 

Important criteria are the integrity and personal engagement of the social workers or volunteers, as well as the transparency and close follow-up of the project.

Main projects :

Michielshof nvso

Centrum Louise Marie vzw

Fourth pillar

private sector

in sustainable development

The Cusanus Foundation supports private initiatives in  developing countries known as 'the fourth pillar', besides the Government, International organisations and NGO's.


Aflam vzw  selects projects in Africa and Latin America, managed by locals with a close follow-up in Belgium. 

Most projects adress health care, agricultural or educational needs.

   Main projects :

   Aflam vzw